Glass Wool or Rock Wool with the Wire Mesh or Welded Mesh

For underdeck insulation, glass wool and rock wool can be used with either Wire Mesh or Welded Mesh.

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Glass Wool or Rock Wool for Interior Acoustic Insulation in India

Should you be using Glass Wool or Rock Wool for your interior acoustic insulation?

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Key questions to ask your interior designer or architect?

  1. Which has higher NRC? Better thermal insulation properties?
  2. Should you be comparing 48kg/m3 rockwool with 16kg/m3 glass wool or with 48kg/m3 glass wool?
  3. Fire rating?
  4. Sulphur (zero or small amount?)
  5. Chlorine (zero or small amount)?
  6. How much is the sagging and weathering after 3-4 years?
  7. material cost?


We can help you provide the material cost estimate and your consultant can work with us to get the technical answers



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