Glass Wool or Rock Wool for Interior Acoustic Insulation in India

Should you be using Glass Wool or Rock Wool for your interior acoustic insulation?

Rock Wool
SIPLA Rock Wool
Delhi GlassWool
Glass Wool in Delhi

Key questions to ask your interior designer or architect?

  1. Which has higher NRC? Better thermal insulation properties?
  2. Should you be comparing 48kg/m3 rockwool with 16kg/m3 glass wool or with 48kg/m3 glass wool?
  3. Fire rating?
  4. Sulphur (zero or small amount?)
  5. Chlorine (zero or small amount)?
  6. How much is the sagging and weathering after 3-4 years?
  7. material cost?


We can help you provide the material cost estimate and your consultant can work with us to get the technical answers



Rock Wool
 Rock Wool Delhi


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SIPLA Glass Wool for Metallic Buildings

SIPLA Glass Wool works with most large PEB and Metallic Building players in India for their insulation needs.

We have 16kg, 24kg and 32kg/m3 density in 50 & 100 mm for use by roofing industry.

Our facings are FSK and Vinyl.

Glass Wool
Glass Wool with FSK

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SIPLA Rock Wool in Delhi

Rock Wool
SIPLA Rock Wool

SIPLA Solutions is a distributor for Rock Wool in Delhi and other parts of India.

Our main rockwool product is  48kg/m3 density and 50mm. Other density available are 64, 80, 96 and 120 kg/m3.

LRB (wired matts) are available in 100, 120 and 150kg/m3 density.


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SIPLA Glass Wool in India

SIPLA Glass Wool is available across India directly or through stockists in most major cities.

Glass Wool in India
SIPLA Glass Wool
SIPLA Glass Wool
SIPLA Glass Wool in India

SIPLA Glass Wool is available in the following density: 10, 12, 16, 24, 32 and 48kg density. Standard thickness is either 25mm or 50mm.


For stockist information in your city, please contact:


Phone:  085276 92253