SIPLA – HVAC Insulation….. Glass Wool, Rock Wool & NBR

About us:   SIPLA is India’s largest manufacturer and supplier of Insulation materials.  We specialise in Glass Wool, Rockwool, NBR and other insulation materials. We are based in Delhi and supply nationwide

Rock Wool
SIPLA Rock Wool

SIPLA provides various options for HVAC insulation:


  1. Glass Wool  – used in boards or roll forms. With Black Tissue facing or FSK (aluminium foil).
  2. Rock Wool – Rockwool is also available with various facings for removing water permeability- special grades available
  3.  Nitrile Rubber Insulation -Foam based rubber insulation
Glass Wool
Glass Wool with FSK

Ask your architect and consultant about what material suits your needs…

for details on pricing and technical specifications, feel free to reach out to us

SIPLA Solutions

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Address:  413, D-Mall, Sec-10, Rohini, New Delhi, India