SIPLA… Price for Glasswool and Rockwool

About us:  SIPLA is India’s largest integrated manufacturer and distributor of insulation materials.

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Delhi Rock Wool

Glass wool and Rockwool price depends on:

  1. Density – minimum density for rockwool is 40kg/m3, while glasswool is 10kg/m3
  2. Thickness – minimum thickness is 25mm
  3. Facing – can be vinyl, FSK, aluminium, tissue or metal mesh
  4. Quality/ brand
Delhi GlassWool
Glass Wool in Delhi

Please ask your technical consultant/architect for:

1) What is better for your use – Rockwool or Glass Wool?

2) What rock wool or glasswool quality/type is best for your use.

If you need technical parameters for rockwool or glasswool, feel free to reach us at:

SIPLA Solutions

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