SIPLA Bass Trap (Plain and ready to use)

SIPLA introduces Fiberglass based superior 4 layer Plain Ready to Use Bass Traps

SIPLA Bass Trap is ideal for acoustic treatment of a room, and is very commonly used in a movie theater, recording studio or a home studio.

SIPLA Bass Trap
SIPLA Bass Trap can be provided in the following dimensions:

Thickness: 4″ or 2″
Length: 2ft
Width: 2ft, 3ft or 4ft

Various colors of fabric are possible



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SIPLA …. Acoustic Insulation for Multiplex and Audtitoriums

SIPLA supplies Fiberglass Insulation (Blankets and Boards) and RP Tissue (fiberglass tissue) used for Acoustic Insulation in Auditoriums, Restaurants, Movie Halls and offices.

SIPLA Vinyl Glass Wool Ceiling tilesSIPLA products used are:

Glasswool Boards

48kg/m3 density to 96kg/m3 density.

15mm, 25mm and 50mm thickness.

Various facings – including black tissue available


Delhi GlassWool
Glass Wool in Delhi

Glass Wool Blankets:

Density – 32kg/m3 and 48kg/m3. Thickness – 50mm



Rock Wool
SIPLA Rock Wool

Rockwool Slabs :

48kg/m3 to 96kg/m3 density

Fiberglass Tissue

White and Black color, is used as a preferred facing material for acoustic insulation

Available in 44, 60 and higher GSM in 1m and 1.2m standard widths

RP Tissue
SIPLA Fiberglass Tissue

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Phone: 85276 92253

Address: 403, D-Mall, Sec-10, Rohini, New Delhi, India

SIPLA is India’s largest supplier of Insulation Materials – Glass Wool, Rockwool, Nitrile Rubber, Tissue and other accessories

Available in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Indore, Hyderabad through our distributors.

SIPLA – Rockwool or Slagwool? Rockwool in Delhi

SIPLA Solutions is the one of largest suppliers dealing in Rockwool in India.  We supply out of our main warehouses in Delhi, Haryana and also through our distributors.

Rock Wool
SIPLA Rock Wool

Rockwool can be used for Thermal and Acoustic Insulation. Additionally it has good Fire Resistance.

We can supply both national and international brands of Rockwool.

Questions to ask about Rockwool – is it made of slag or rock?  There is a significant difference in the properties and also cost.

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Address:  403, D-Mall, Sector 10, Rohini, New Delhi, India

Our products:  Glass Wool, Rock Wool, LRB, RP Tissue, Fiberglass

Noisy Restaurants – How to bring the noise level down!

No one likes a noisy restaurant – You can reduce the noise level substantially by use of SIPLA Glass Wool in your premises.

Glasswool Ceiling Tiles
Glasswool Ceiling Tiles

Please reach out to your architect or consultant to check how you can make your restaurant a more pleasant place for your customers by reducing noise.



Acoustic Panels in India
Acoustic Panels in India

SIPLA can also supply ready to use “Acoustic Panels” – these can be wall mounted at strategic locations for noise reduction.





SIPLA supplier Rock Wool and Glass Wool across India.

email:    phone:  99537 38533

Address:  413, D-Mall, Sec-10, Rohini, New Delhi, India