Corner Bass Traps – Home Theaters & Studios

If you are a sound enthusiast, and are building your home theater or studio and are looking for material for DIY acoustic treatment, room control and sound insulation, you should consider SIPLA  Bss Traps

Acoustic Panels  and Bass Traps

Corner Bass Traps

SIPLA Corner Bass Trap
SIPLA Corner Bass Trap


Made from Glass Wool, these bass traps are ready to use (we can provide paint/color options). Very high NRC

Acoustic Panels in India

Acoustic Panels in India
Acoustic Panels in India

2″ to 4″ thickness in various sizes.  SIPLA Acoustic Wall Panels are multi layers and are Ready to Use

Plain and Corner Bass Traps are available for absorption of low frequency.

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About us:  SIPLA is India’s largest supplier of Insulation Materials – Glass Wool, Rockwool, Nitrile Rubber, Tissue and other accessories

Available in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Indore, Hyderabad through our distributors.